Financial reporting & planning.
Simplified. Automated.

Run CFO-approved financial models, integrate your API data
& get beautiful financial reports within a single unified platform.


Link your company's financial data with API integrations.

Painless reporting and scenario analysis.

Financial models tailored to your company by actual CFOs.

We are backed by some of the most trusted organizations.

How it works:

Finfox integrates with your company data and a professional CFO develops your financial model. The rest happens automatically!

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    Track actuals vs budget in real-time

    Finfox connects with your APIs to track performance in real time.

  2. 2

    Always know your cash runway

    Finfox constantly tracks your cash runway and alerts you of major changes.

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    Beautiful reports delivered to your inbox, weekly

    Finfox updates you and your team on financial performance every week.

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    Phone, Slack, Email, Text Message assistance any time

    Finfox experts are ready to answer your questions and provide advice whenever you need it.

Models set up by experienced startup CFOs

We are not a CFO agency. But when it comes to setting up your financial model, we want to make sure that it is done professionally.
This is why an experienced CFO will work with you during onboarding.

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Finfox runs financials for growing companies every day.

Finfox made it so easy for us to put together our financial statements and pressure test some of the assumptions and drivers that we made while building our venture.

Andrea, CEO
Electra Labs
San Francisco, CA

Seriously, you have no idea how long I was staring at an Excel sheet trying to make one of these. MONTHS!

Joana, CEO
Boston MA

Am I allowed to say “HOLY SH*T”!?!?! What you have here would accomplish what I need to accomplish as a CFO.

Howard, CFO
Boston, MA

Finfox is an indispensable tool in helping me run my business. It's like magic because I don't have to worry when I will run out of cash.

Rohit, CEO
San Jose, CA

Get your financials organized with Finfox today.

Instant Data Integrations

Finfox supports all major services to enable integration of your company's entire financial performance. Connect your APIs to ensure that every cent is accounted for.

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    Company Books
    Intergrate your profit & loss data.
  • Image
    Sales Pipeline
    Keep track of sales team's perfromance.
  • Image
    Facebook Campaigns
    Analyze your Facebook Ads campaigns.
  • Image
    User Payments
    Keep tabs on your revenue.
  • Image
    AdWords Campaigns
    Understand your AdWords spending.
  • Image
    Sales & Marketing
    Connect your inbound campaigns.
  • Image
    Visitor Engagment
    Integrate your traffic and conversions.
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    Spreadsheet Flexibility
    Store and edit your models in Sheets.
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    Additional APIs
    Connect with all of your favorite tools.

Make smarter decisions
with Finfox today.